Thoughts from the library

I haven’t seen my crazy half-friend in almost two weeks. I’m a little concerned.
You know, he was the only person to see through my disguise – and he didn’t really know me at all. He’s the only person with whom I don’t have to keep up the pretence.
And not having that option anymore is a little saddening.

Maybe he’s moved into the library. That would make sense – he talks as if its the only place to go on campus.
I know for certain that there’s someone else living in the library. Whether he is a student or a hobo, I don’t actually know! I have a bit of an odd relationship with this guy. We’ve never spoken, but he knows  that I know exactly what he’s doing. And so there’s a lot of eye contact and small social signals to verify that I’m not some snitch who will run off and spoil his arrangement.
I first saw him in October sleeping on the sofa of the second floor. He was lying in such an odd way with his coat covering his torso, that I thought at first it was a corpse and I was really freaked out.

There’s a really annoying guy sitting behind me in the library. Every couple of minutes, he makes this weird low humming sound. My dad does the same thing at home and I literally have to leave the room. But I’m persisting.
Also, what is up with saying bless you all the time? I know, its practically tradition to do so when someone sneezes, but doesn’t it get a bit samey when a stranger sneezes 5 times a minute and about 10 people from all over the floor shout it out as if its actually going to make a difference. It’s not like they really needs God’s blessing in this day and age to stop them from dying from the common cold.

Eh. I should be less hard on people. Its just because I feel really overtired. I went to sleep at midnight last night but had a nightmare that my parents were trying to lock me up but I kept escaping. What’s weird is that in my dream, my little sister, who is usually brainwashed by my parent’s views, is standing up for me and is on my side from the beginning. It really made me feel better. Until I woke up.
I guess I’ll never win.
I think I might spill it all to Pearlface*. I feel like I can trust her, compared to Willow who will most likely sink her teeth into my insecurities and use them as a means of achieving the upper hand that she so desperately desired.

Yet again, I am procrastinating. Its a Monday night. And I have a shit ton of work to do.
It turns out that I’m not failing the year to the extent that I though I was, – which is good! I got some results back today from my exams in January, and I was pleasantly surprised.
But I should go now. I did manage to do that translation in the end. Willow’s leaving it to the last minute. It took me about a week to figure out, lets see how she’ll do it in a couple of hours.
Damn it! I was going to talk about something else really important. I promise I’ll get round to it sometime!






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