Well…here I am, once again procrastinating to avoid my date with the enormous pile of work that I am forever putting off. Writing a blog was certainly not on the ‘to-do list’, yet have I stopped typing? I don’t think so.

There’s something rather calming about writing down your thoughts. I guess that’s why many people keep diaries.
For almost 3 years now I’ve kept an email diary in which I write emails about the week and address them to myself so that in 20 years or so I can log in and reminisce about how traumatising my adolescence was. I guess I’m just too lazy to hold a pen, not to mention that as a dyspraxic leftie its fairly difficult to produce anything other than smudgy unreadable mess.
Hopefully this blog is going to be a little different from my usual emails, though. Partly because I’m going to try to remain calm and collected with the understanding that the usual “asfjsgdlsghlsgwhywhywhy” entry is not appropriate nor of interest to any poor soul who might stumble across this page.
In this blog I might share a bit about my own experiences or topics that I feel the need to discuss, but for the most part this will be a space in which I can just be myself and express myself in however way that I please.

Today has been a typical Wednesday: listening to Radiohead in a dark room and walking to and from the library all day in an attempt to sort out my life. Not actually completing anything.
Wednesday’s and weekends are always hard for me. With no lectures, it’s easy to spend half the day in bed and then spend the remaining time obsessing over things that cannot be changed. This, my friends, is my life without structure. But hey ho, the 8:30 tomorrow will surely to kick me into motion.

You know, my life is so bizarre, I’m glad that other people can now see what sort of things spice up my day to day existence. You won’t believe how many odd encounters I’ve had with strangers in the past week, not to mention the usual hilarity/panic I experience when I go out without my glasses and claim to witness all sorts of surreal events – like the time when I saw someone in the distance lighting a cigarette and thought that he was preparing to blow himself up. I almost went into cardiac arrest.
Nature walks at 4am have become a bit of a habit and I’ve now mastered the act of physically hiding from certain people around campus.
Life, for me, is so extreme that even though there are bad times now and then, it’s a real full on emotional roller coaster and I love it…deep down.

ANYWAY… I’ve got a Spanish translation looming over me and an empty cupboard for dinner. Mm. So this will be Adios for tonight.

Stay with me, folks.



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